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General Sales

Welcome to AEV Sales Area

Welcome to AMERICAN EMERGENCY VEHICLES sales information page. AEV is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of emergency vehicles. AEV is committed to delivering products of the highest quality in the industry. Because of our unique manufacturing process and philosophy, we can supply the industry with a variety of products. Customers can choose from a basic emergency unit to their own customized specifications, including various models in Type II, Type III, Type I and Medium Duty units.

When considering your next purchase, please evaluate AEV'S outstanding industry reputation in innovation, reliability, superb engineering, styling and comfort. Our product safety, warranty and customer service is second to none.

We have an experienced dealer network to accommodate your regional sales and service inquiries. At AEV, our internal sales support team is available for discussion to help you and your regional sales representative develop a plan for your emergency vehicle needs. In addition, we carry an outstanding inventory of parts to support your fleet maintenance requirements.

Please review the contact name selection below for your emergency vehicle needs at:

336-982-9826 (fax)

Randy Hanson
EXT. 8015


Contact Information
Contact Name Position E-Mail Address Extension
Randy Barr AEV Brand Manager randy.barr@aev.com 8080
Vicki Sansbury Sales Support Specialist vicki.sansbury@aev.com 8079
Roy Badger OPC Supervisor roy.badger@aev.com 8021
Jody Richardson Sales Account Specialist jody.richardson@aev.com 8083
Tammy Miller Sales Account Specialist tammy.miller@aev.com 8084
Mikael Blevins Sales Account Specialist mikael.blevins@aev.com 8081
Lola Walls Sales Account Specialist lola.walls@aev.com 8087
Josh Cruey Sales Account Specialist josh.cruey@aev.com
Brian Bunten Export Account Specialist brian.bunten@aev.com
Dominick Gaetano Warranty Administrator dominick.gaetano@aev.com 8048
Jason Miller Warranty Administrator jason.miller@aev.com 8055