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As the parent company of industry-leading specialty vehicle brands, REV Group connects and protects communities around the clock and around the world with a lineup of vehicles that have long served the fire and emergency, commercial infrastructure and consumer leisure markets. Together, these vehicle brands have manufactured more than 300,000+ vehicles in service today — a bumper-to-bumper feat that stretches from New York City to Dallas. Among REV’s lineup of brands, you’ll find vehicles that help fight fires, transport patients to emergency rooms, move freight in the world’s ports, offer mobility to people with disabilities, carry children safely from home to school and unite families across the country.

AEV, One of REV Group’s Brands, is a One-of-a-Kind Ambulance Manufacturer Bringing a Variety of Best-in-Class Ambulance Types to the Market

Joining REV Group in February, 2010, AEV, short for American Emergency Vehicles, has always been known for its homelike approach to ambulance manufacturing. This is in large part to its welcoming sales team, helpful customer service reps, dedicated building and engineering teams, and its focus on quality relationships at every level of the purchasing process.

“AEV Feels Like Home.” More than a simple statement that sums up the atmosphere at the AEV facility, this recognition is exemplified in the employees that make up the AEV team. Nearly half of AEV’s 500 employees have been with the company for more than 10-years. That’s decades of pride, expertise, and family that walk the AEV halls, manufacturing the life-saving units that crews and patients have come to trust during times of emergency.

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