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High-Risk Infection Control Ambulances

Purpose-Built to Maximize Protection High-Risk Infection Control Ambulances AEV offers purpose-built crew cab ambulance models designed to safely transport patients with symptoms related to high-risk infectious [...]

2021-07-12T23:11:03+00:00September 9, 2020|

Medium-Duty Ambulances

Tailored to Your Needs Medium-Duty Specialty Vehicles When your crews need more, AEV manufactures Medium-Duty emergency vehicles that are as customized as they come. We are [...]

2021-07-12T23:10:07+00:00September 9, 2020|

Type 3 Ambulances

The Clear Choice Type 3 Ambulances AEV’s meticulous manufacturing operations make it one of the most trusted Type 3 ambulance manufacturers in the industry. Available in [...]

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Type 2 Ambulances

Ready to Serve When You Are Type 2 Ambulance Vans There is industry standard, and then there’s AEV. While this statement applies to our [...]

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Type 1 Ambulances

Carefully Crafted for Your Fleet Needs Type 1 Ambulances When you’re looking to add a Type 1 ambulance to your fire or emergency fleet, trust [...]

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