A Versatile Lineup

Type 3 Ambulances

Our meticulous manufacturing operations makes ours a favorite among Type 3 ambulance customers. Available in varying lengths and five ambulance chassis types to choose from, the AEV Type 3 ambulance lineup is one of the industry’s most versatile—not to mention, well-crafted.

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Because AEV meets the upfitter standards set by Ford, GM and Mercedes-Benz, we’re able to customize any Ford Transit, Chevy or Sprinter to meet your ambulance needs.

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Quality Built

You haven’t experienced a vehicle that truly caters to your unique needs until you’ve experienced AEV.

custom medium duty emergency vehicle

Custom Type 3 Ambulances

When it comes to an AEV ambulance, our standards are anything but. With countless ways to build your ambulance that will cater to your crew’s needs, exceed safety standards and answer the community’s call, the only way you’ll find two ambulances alike is if you ask for it.

feasibility study

We Start with a Feasibility Study

At AEV, the buying process is a one-on-one experience that starts with a feasibility study. From custom conveniences for your crew to paint schemes unique to your fleet, no detail is ignored. Even with all that effort, we still offer some of the industry’s best lead times.

AEV visual manufacturing process

A Detailed Visual Manufacturing Process

Starting with an exclusive Mickey-manufactured body, AEV builds each custom unit using a detailed visual process—a board stocked with parts and tools specific to that ambulance to ensure we meet your every spec.

Engineering That’s All About the Details

It’s what makes our ambulances and emergency vehicles stand out.

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You’ll be hard pressed to find so many high-end features in other ambulance vehicles.

  • C/S upper windows: Standard, tint fixed
  • Drip rails: Bright finish aluminum
  • Fasteners: AVK nutserts for attachment of door panels
  • Fender flares: Aluminum
  • Fender flares: Aluminum (Full Size Mods), Rubber (Ford Fleethawk, DR-90 & Sprinter DR-86)
  • Flooring: Choice of optional colors
  • Fuel fill: Aluminum housing
  • Headliner: One-piece front to rear, gloss white
  • KKK/CAAS package: To present revision
  • Paint: OEM white industry match
  • Patient floor: Plywood, single piece, full-length and width, insulated
  • Rear bumper: Tread plate with flip-up aggressive step center section
  • Rear upper windows: Standard, tint fixed
  • Reflectors: Six total, four rear and two front
  • Roll up flooring: 3” recessed (except for DR-92 & Fleethawk)
  • Skirt rails: Diamond plate
  • Striping: Single belt (optional)
  • Undercoat: Per QVM industry guidelines
  • Upholstery: Choice of optional colors
  • Door hold opens: Grabbers on rear doors
  • Handles: Handicap style on all entry doors, antimicrobial
  • Attendant seat: Captain’s chair on storage box with Per4Max Seatbelt
  • Cot mount: Stryker or Ferno
  • CPR seat: Street-side with Per4Max Seatbelt and telemetry area (Optional on Fleethawk, DR-92 & Sprinter)
  • Squad bench: with Per4Max Seatbelt System
  • Backboard storage: Location determined by body design
  • License plate holder: Recessed in rear kick plate with LED Light
  • Lining: Diamond plate
  • Oxygen cylinder rack: Aluminum, LF compartment, (Transverse on Sprinter)
  • Shelves: Determined by body design
  • Straps: One total, for backboard storage
  • Spare tire: Shipped loose except for DR-92 and Fleethawk
  • Action area cabinet: Laminated countertop
  • Biowaste system; Curb-side, at head of squad bench (rear of S/B on Sprinter)
  • Laminate cabinet: Choice of optional colors
  • Partition door cabinet: Sliding with sliding window (Solid wall on Sprinter)
  • Polycarbonate: Gray tinted or clear with full handles complies with Change Notice 8
  • RF cabinet: for storage of Lifepak and Drug boxes (Open on DR-92)
  • Right rear cabinet: Open for easy inside access (Sprinter)
  • Storage cabinet: Access under action area for electrical components (Ford DR-92 only)
  • Street-side: Large openings with set back dividers (FleetHawk, DR-90 & Sprinter)
Electrical system
  • TraumaHawk Telematics AVI System (for TraumaHawk Models)
  • 12vdc outlets: Two cigar outlets
  • 125vac outlets: Two total, one action area, one RF-ALS
  • Batteries: Two, (1) Underhood, (1) RF,  OEM locations (Sprinter DR-86 only)
  • Battery Switch: Cole Hersee 2484-16
  • Coax cable: One tagged at both ends
  • Console: Ergonomically designed between cab seats
  • Electrical cabinet: Above walk-thru with lever latch (FleetHawk and DR-92)
  • Electrical cabinet: Behind attendant’s seat (Full size modular)
  • Electrical cabinet: Forward street-side wall above HVAC cabinet (Sprinter DR-86)
  • Electrical system: Printed circuit boards with LED diagnostics
  • Oxygen outlets: Two total, Ohio style
  • Shoreline: inlet located on street-side behind M1 compartment
  • Wiring: Color, name and number coded with as built schematics
Emergency alert
  • Backup alarm: With auto reset switch
  • Siren: Whelen WS-295
  • Siren speaker: Dual 100 watt
  • Action area light: 12vdc LED
  • Clearance lights: LED on front and rear with recessed corner lights
  • Dome lights: LED  for both streetside and curbside
  • Indicator lights: Door, compartment ajar, low voltage and battery on cab console
  • Load lights: Two Whelen on rear
  • Scene lights: Two Whelen on each side
  • Side marker lights: On sides of body
  • Tail lights: Triple light cluster on rear
  • Third brake lights: Mounted over rear doors
  • Warning package lights: Whelen perimeter lighting
  • Heat-A/C: Ceiling ducted (except FleetHawk)
  • Insulation: Reflectix circumferential package
  • Antimicrobial Recessed Overhead Grabrail
  • Complies with all SAE Standards
  • Seatbelt Harness System: Per4Max
  • Crash Tested Modular Body
  • Emergency Entry Door Release Latches


Choose from the Ford E-350, Ford E-450, Chevy GM 3500, Chevy GM 4500 or the Sprinter 3500 chassis.

Model Length Width Headroom
Ford E-350 145″-148” 90″-95” 66″-70”
Ford E-450 164”-172″ 95″ 68″
GM 3500 145″-148” 90″-95” 66″-70”
GM 3500 DR92 145” 92″ 66″
GM 4500 172″ 95″ 68″
Sprinter 3500 DR86 148″ 86″ 73″

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