Firstar™ Type 1 & 3 Modular 146″

Value, By Design

Modern and durable gel-coated fiberglass is used throughout to make up the cabinetry, including basewall cabinet work areas and squad bench. Radius edges and seamless cabinetry are not only easier to clean and disinfect between patients, but the smooth edges reduce the risk of emergency responder injuries during collisions or sudden braking. The all-aluminum vehicle body features a fully-welded tubular super structure with aluminum exterior skin, which exceeds the federal standards for ambulance safety.

Lady in Firststar ambulance
Per4Max Seatbelts
Woman in Ambulance Cab
  • Full Aluminum Module
  • 146 x 90 x 70” Int HR
  • (4) Exterior Compartments
  • LF: 58.6”H x 20.7”W x 17”D Alum Diamond Plate
  • Oxygen Storage in LF Adjustable “M” or “H” Cylinder
  • LR: 75.8”H x 23”W x 7/17”D Alum Diamond Plate
  • Backboard and Stair Chair Storage in LR
  • RR: 29″H x 32″W x 13.5″D Alum Diamond Plate – Type 1 Only
  • RR: 26”H x 31”W x 13.5”D Alum Diamond Plate – Type 3 Only
  • Spare Tire Storage in RR
  • LF: 62.5”H x 18.3”W x Inside/Outside access to ALS Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Simulators
  • Eberhard Door Hardware
  • High Power Free Flow HVAC System
  • Full Fiberglass Interior Cabinetry with White Gelcoat
  • All Interior Cabinets have Rounded Corners
  • Recessed Work Tray in Action Area
  • Rolled in Flooring Material
  • Solid State Electrical System with Rocker Switches
  • 10″ of Seat Travel and Crew Storage in Cab – Type 3 Only
  • Insulation Package: Spray Foam and Reflexite
  • Backup Camera System
  • 12v Outlets: Cigar Style and USB
  • Taillights are LED
  • Per4Max Seat Belts in all Patient Area Crew Locations
  • Warning Light Package are all LED
  • Underride Rear Step Bumper
  • Aluminum Diamond Plate Skirtrails
  • 15 Year Body Structural Warranty
  • Power Door Locks
  • Hidden Unlock Switch in Grille
  • Cab Running Boards
  • LED Scene and Load Lights
  • Auto Eject Shoreline
  • Inverter
  • Rear Dock Bumpers
  • Variety of Upholstery Colors
  • Variety of Floor Colors
  • Paint and Graphics
  • Glove Storage in S/B – Type 1 Only
  • 3rd Oxygen Outlet
  • 3rd 125vac Outlet
  • Add on Cab Console
  • Doors on Upper ALS
  • Cot Mount
  • Secure Idle
  • Ship Loose Portable O2 Bracket

Type 1

  • Engine: Ford, Chevy & Dodge OEM offerings
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Tank: OEM
  • Brakes: Anti-Lock
  • Alternator: OEM

Type 3

  • Engine: Ford or Chevy gas engine options
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel Tank: OEM
  • Brakes: Anti-Lock
  • Alternator: OEM

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